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Online Booking Considerations

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1.  We honor the following discounts: Senior, Veteran, AAA & Good Sam.


     Please NOTE your discount in the RESERVATION NOTE section when entering      your Credit Card information.  You will need to present proof of membership

     at check-in. *Only one discount per reservation. There are no discounts on the      weekly rate. If you book 9 days, the discount can be used for the 2 extra days.

2.  Your card WILL be charged the full amount of booking within 24hrs.

3.  You MUST call to book a reservation longer than 3 weeks!

4.  FHU SITE BOOKINGS: There is a 3 night minimum to book a FHUPT

     Reservation on a weekend, 4 nights for a holiday.  

     You can book for 1 or 2 nights if you are checking in the same day you are      booking. (We can do a 1 or 2 night stay during the week: Sunday - Weds)

     W&E SITE BOOKINGS:  There is a 2 night minimum to book a W&E reservation      on a weekend, 3 nights for a holiday.  You can book for 1 or 2 nights during      the week or if you are checking in the same day you are booking.

     *If your reservation does not meet the requirements, it will be canceled on

      our end.  We will call you or email you a cancellation notification.

5.  Though we will make every effort to meet your requests, we cannot guarantee      specific sites or areas of the park.  However, we will make every effort to.      Please leave your booking requests in the  RESERVATION NOTE,.

6.  If there is no availability for the dates you are looking for, try calling the      office.  Some sites are not available online.  We can also add you to our      Wait List, which has helped several guests in the past.

7.  The night before or the morning you are due to check-in, we will email you:


     A. Your site # and a map so you can go directly to your site.  

     B. A link to your online check-in form.  Do NOT submit the form before arrival!      C. The code for the free basic WIFI.

Covid-19 Restrictions/Info

1. Each campsite must PAY for and REGISTER all campers and visitors. Get approval for     guests before they enter the park. This will alleviate any issues beforehand.   

2. If you are vaccinated you are NOT required to wear a mask in the store or common     areas. However, if you have been feeling under the weather or around anyone who has     been ill, please be courteous and wear one in the store and common areas.

3. We are utilizing ONLINE CHECK-IN. This will help reduce the foot traffic busy check-in     days. You can still check-in, in person. Please pull onto your site before heading to the     office. This way you have the clearest, easiest path to your site. You can check in at the     office after you pull onto your site, if you choose to!

We cannot wait until we can see your smiling faces!