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Virus Info

Online Booking Considerations

1.  Your card WILL be charged within 24hrs of the time you hit submit for the full amount of the reservation.

2.  Reservations longer than 3 weeks need to be booked over the phone with a reservation specialist.

3.  If you have any discounts such as Good Sam, AAA, Senior, Active Duty Military or Veteran, please make note of that in the RESERVATION NOTE section when entering your CREDIT CARD information. You need proof of discounts at time of check in.

*Please note, only one discount can be used at a time. Since the weekly rate is already a discounted rate, there will be no further discounts for a weekly stay. However, if you have a week plus 2 days, the discount can be used for the 2 extra days.  

4.  There is a 3 night minimum to book a FHUPT reservation on a weekend, 4 nights for a holiday.  

You can book for 1 or 2 nights if you are checking in the same day you are booking. (We can do a 1 or 2 night stay during the week: Sunday - Weds)

5.  There is a 2 night minimum to book a W&E reservation on a weekend, 3 nights for a holiday.  You can book for 1 or 2 nights during the week or if you are checking in the same day you are booking.

6.  Please note, if the system allows you to book a reservation that does not meet the minimum requirements, your card will not be charged and the reservation will be canceled on our end.  We will call you or email you a cancellation notification.

7. Though we will make every effort to meet your requests, we cannot guarantee specific sites or areas of the park.  However, please make notes of requests in the RESERVATION NOTE, so that we are aware of your preference.

8.  It is your responsibility to read and be aware of our rules and cancellation policy.  Should you need to cancel, you must do so by calling Cross Creek Camping Resort @740-549-2267.

9.  If there is no availability for the dates you are looking for, try calling the office.  There may be sites available that are not available online.  If we are indeed full, we can add you to our waiting list, which has helped several guests in the past.

10.  The night before or the morning you are due to check-in, we will email you your site # and a map on how to go directly to your site.  We will also send a link for your online check-in form.  Please do NOT fill out the form until you are on site. This way we know you are here! Thank you!

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Covid-19 Restrictions/Info

1. We are currently open for all RV camping! Yay!

2. Due to the restrictions and cleaning guidelines set forth by the Governor’s office, we do not have the adequate staff to keep our bathrooms and showers open 24/7, like we used to.  We are on limited hours for the showers: 9am - 9pm We are sorry for the inconvenience!

3. We are still being told to limit the guests. Each campsite must register all campers and have guests approved before they visit the park.

4. You MUST practice social distancing at all times! 6 feet from other camping families. No more than 8 campers to a site.(in the case of groups camping together with multiple sites.)

5.  We are utilizing ONLINE CHECK-IN. They day before or the morning you are due to arrive, you will get an email with a map to your site. Please pull on site, and then click the link in the email to fill out our online Check-In form. This will reduce the foot traffic in the lobby.

6. We are also using a new free App for all Activities, Camp Information, and Store Sales. You can order from the store and have your items delivered to your site! It is called Campers App. You can look us up on the map or type in CCCR on the login page.

7.   Masks must be warn at all times in any buildings on the property, with the exception of the showers.

8.  If you have packages being delivered, they must be delivered to your site, as we will not be responsible for them.

9.  We hate the state of things and cannot wait to see your smiling face without a mask covering it!