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I started life as a normal raccoon ... you know, cute bandit face, pointed nose and a beautiful bushy ringed tail in shades of black, gray and white.

My day began at sunset and I was content to eat fruits, nuts, birds’ eggs and crawfish. Ah, as I expanded my territory, I discovered something called a neighborhood and within the ‘hood’ there were lines of cans certain days of the week. Oh the goodies that came out of those cans when they were tipped over. It was something to look forward to.

In this neighborhood I made a remarkable discovery ... an award-winning campground called Cross Creek Camping Resort, in Delaware, Ohio. It was here that my new life

began ………

... gone were the days of fruit, nuts, eggs and fish in the wild. Here to stay were trash bags to tear into and people to entertain with my antics. Everyone was taking notice and I became a mascot! One year, the owner held a contest to give me a real name and I became CiCi. Now I’m really important! I have a real job to do.

While my furry little relatives can be found high in the trees or raiding the dumpsters or visiting a campsite, I can be found mingling with my new-found friends. I spend my time riding the fire truck, kiddy train, or dancing with the young’uns. I like to visit folks on their birthdays or other special occasions.

I can be found at trade shows encouraging folks to come camp at Cross Creek. I have my own grass skirt for the luau weekend and a large colorful beaded necklace for the Mardi Gras weekend. I would have to say my main job is posing for pictures with the families who  camp at “The Creek”.

I can be found at the playground, near the swimming pool, or marching at the front of the glow parade at night, perhaps even raiding the public trash cans just for fun.

Winter brings a new sense of adventure as I mosey through the campground, especially where the “Annual Folks” hang out. Though I need to work harder in search of food, I love those long nights when I can join my relatives as they play in the woods. I love Cross Creek Camping Resort and the activities that go on year ‘round.

Winter is the time when things are slower and I find myself dreaming of spring with the start of a new season at “The Creek.”

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A Day in the Life of Cici

Cici Loves to Pose

 for Pictures

Cici doing the Hula at the Luau

Cici has her own  Gem Mine