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What is the guest fee?

Guests 5 and under are free.  Kids age 6 -17 are $3/child/day.   Guests and additional campers 18 and up are $5/person/day.  This includes visitors and additional overnight campers.

Can I put a tent up for my kids?

A small pup tent can be put on your site free of charge for children age 17 and under.  However, if you have guests age 18 staying in the tent, it is $25/day and includes 2 people.

What is the cancellation policy?

You must cancel 2 weeks prior to arrival in order to get a refund on your stay.  There will be a $10 cancellation fee.  If you cancel within the 2 weeks, there is no refund.  There are no refunds for holiday weekends.  However, if it is an emergency situation, we may issue a credit for a future stay. Please call us asap, so we can work something out for these situations.

Can I bring a golf cart?

We only allow electric golf carts.  Be sure to read the rules on golf cart usage within the park, so you are up to date on what is acceptable.

Is the pool included in the rate?

Yes all the sports facilities and equipment are included in the price.  The only extras are the Gem Mine and the Rental Bikes.  

What are the pool hours?

The pool is open Monday - Friday 12pm - 8pm, unless we have a teen swim planned.  It is open 10am - 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.

What are your hours of operation?

In Season:  Monday - Thursday:   8am -9pm.  Friday & Saturday:  8am - 11pm. Sundays:  8am - 8pm.  Off season varies, but we are open for camping year round!

Do you have cable and WIFI?

We do not have cable.  However, we do have WIFI throughout most of the park.

How far in advance can I book a reservation?

We start booking reservations for the coming season January 8th.  You can book for any date in the current year starting in January.

Is there a minimum booking requirement?

To book a reservation for FHU it is a 3 night minimum on weekends, 4 nights on a holiday.  To book for W&E only it is a 2 night minimum on weekends, 3 nights on a holiday.  You can book for 1 night anytime Sunday through Weds on FHU or Sunday through Thursday on W&E, unless it falls on a holiday.

Can I book online?

Currently we do not have the right software for online reservations, but we are working on this.

Can I reserve a specific site?

No, you book a site type, but not the number.  This way, if you choose to extend your stay, we do not have to make you move to another site in order to stay.  If you have a large rig, we have 8 Big Rig Sites that you can book.  We do allow you to choose the specific site #.  Extending your stay on these specific sites may not be an option.

Can my friends be near me?

Yes!  As long as we are told at the time of booking that you would like to be together, we should have no problem making that happen.

Please click here to see the Campground Guidelines for more information.  

Frequently Asked Questions